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19 Apr 2006
28 Apr 2006

back  Forum Neues Musiktheater presents for the second time
Biggest Max/MSP/Jitter Week

In the last ten years, Max/MSP/Jitter has developed into one of the standard software applications for interactive media and live performances. Max/MSP/Jitter is highly versatile, and is suitable for concerts, theatre, dance, artistic installations, performance art, DJ-ing and VJ-ing. The software employs an object-based programming language which allows the user to design andprogram a wide range of functions, algorithms and control processes in line with their artistic and aesthetic requirements. Forum Neues Musiktheater workshop is aimed at Max/MSP users with a basic or intermediate understanding of the application, professionals involved in music, composition, theatre, video art and media art, as well as artists / users who perform live.

Jeremy Bernstein / Cycling74
Joshua Kit Clayton / Cycling74
Richard Dudas / Cycling74
Ben Neville / Cycling74
David Zicarelli / Cycling74
Carl Faia / FNM
Olivier Pasquet / FNM
Manuel Poletti / FNM

You`ll find a detailed workshop schedule here soon!

The workshop will be held in English.
Participants are advised to bring their own laptops (Mac/Windows).

Participants are given the possibility to talk about their projects with the tutors in one-on-one sessions. Please send your project outline to the FNM 2 weeks before the beginning of the workshop.

19 Apr to 21 Apr 2006 Max/MSP/Jitter for beginners
24 Apr to 28 Apr 2006 Max/MSP/Jitter for advanced and professional users

Beginners: 150 Euro / 120 Euro concessions
Advanced: 250 Euro / 200 Euro concessions
Both courses: 350 Euro / 300 Euro concessions

Please fill out the registration form (download) and send it to us via e-mail, fax or mail.
phone: +49 (0)711 55042321, fax +49 (0)711 55042329

Within the Scope of the Workshop Week:

April 25., 26. & 27, 2006, 20.00

Music & Video Performances
in use of Max/MSP/Jitter
with Frank Baldé, Jeremy Bernstein, Richard Dudas, Peter Furniss, jasch, Olivier Pasquet, Michel Waisvisz, e.a.

More details here soon.

April 22, 2006, 20.00
Die Reihe - Neue Musik für Stuttgart
Evan Parker / Joel Ryan Duo

Evan Parker - Soprano Saxophone
Joel Ryan - Live Electronics

DIE REIHE - Neue Musik für Stuttgart is a cooperation of Akademie Schloss Solitude, Forum Neues Musiktheater, Musik der Jahrhunderte and SWR.

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