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Réseaunances presentation

What is it?

Réseaunances is an IRCAM alternative festival which comprises concerts, video performances and sound installations. Everything will be “streamed to the web only” (no audience; gigs will be streamed from an IRCAM office).

When does it take place?

The festival will take place during official IRCAM Résonances, from October the 15th to the 24th, between 6.30pm and midnight (see schedule for exceptions)

Who are the organisers?

The festival is organised by 6 members of the IRCAM staff : Olivier Pasquet, Guillaume Boutard, Yann Tambour, Romain Kronenberg, Gilbert Nouno and Diemo Schwarz.


The music is based on similar technologies to those used at IRCAM, we invited artists from various musical backgrounds to present their view on digital video and musical creation.


Associated event:

At the same time but in a different place, some artists from New York City have participated at the reseaunances festival. This was happening on saturday the 18th of October. You will now find their performances on the rtsp:// stream.

Bruce Tovsky / laptop
David Linton / electronics
Brooks Williams / laptop
Beo Morales / guitar + laptop
Michael J. Schumacher / laptop
Tracy Wuischpard / camera

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