text summarizer, text tagger and parser for Max

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op.rezumai uses the Classifier4j bayesian classifier and some Natural Language Processing from KBtextmaster.
It performs summarization, categorization, key phrase generation, part of speech tagging, anaphora resolution (i.e., matches proper names with pronouns), identification of place and human names, and sentence boundary detection. It will soon do document clustering by similarity and use vectors instead of text. It will soon use Jitter matrixes for staying in max rather using text files.

available import formats:
– symbol in max
– .txt, .htm, .html, .pdf, .doc, .abw, .ppt on disk

available export formats:
– iterated lists or symbols in max
– txt on disk (special characters like accents will be saved properly)


op.rezumai max external

op.rezumai max external