jtol is a max library for nested tree data structures, complex discrete pattern generation that can be applied to architectural design, music, dance; everything requiring constructed evolution in space and time. In other words, it is mostly made for designing rhythms and evolutionary patterns.
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glsl shaders

Some pieces make use of shaders I wish to share here. Even though I often use Rhinoceros and Houdini for visuals, they are all compatible with Max; the tool I use the most for composition alongside Ableton Live.


max externals

Max is a visual programming language for music and multimedia. During its 20-year history, it has been widely used by composers, performers, software designers, researchers, and artists for creating innovative recordings, performances, and installations.


op.recognizemultilingual speech recognition and segmentation
op.soundcloudupload files to
pafsample accurate paf~ synthesis using gen~
op.collminimal version of the coll Max external which does not crash with large amount of data
DMXUSBProcontroller for Enttec DMX USB Pro
op.buffercopycopy of a buffer to another buffer
OMCsnetsemantic networks of symbolic linguistic knowledge (story telling)
op.lcmgdcleast common multiple (LCM) & greatest common divisor (GDC)
op.jit.sarkoface follower and eye blinking detection
op.googletranslatetranslation tool for western and non western languages
musicXMLparser for the arshia cont antescofo score follower
op.fann libraryfast artificial neural network library (mlp + time delay)
op.resumaibayesian classifier for natural language processing (text understanding, summarizer and html/word/pdf parser)
op.beatitude~beat tracker based on bark spectrum
interpianacport of historic ISPW interpianac from the NeXT max version
samphold~port, external and gen~ alternative for historic ISPW samphold~ from the NeXT max version
op.drop~water drop physical modeling
thresh_1024thresh with maximum 1024 atoms
op.xrouteUB port for xroute
fenvreplacing the historical ‘fenv’ external
comparesreplacing the historical ‘compares’ external
_countreplacing the historical ‘count’ external
_invreplacing the historical ‘inv’ external
uranfreplacing the historical ‘uranf’ external
nutella libspatialization control tools
banga libindependent left-to-right order operators



grasshopper components

Grasshopper is a plugin for rhinoceros. Rhino is a nurb-based 3d modeling tool commonly used for computational design and architecture. The following components are very simple but still useful.


divisorploton3dpoints from divisors
numberspiralon3dpoints from both cartesian and polar number spiral
primegeneratorgenerate prime numbers



psola analysis

psolabatch is a little batch tool for analysis used in psola synthesis (pitch-synchronous overlap-add)




microtuna is a little tool for micro-tuning with the native instrument kontakt sampler.



vst plugins

These VSTs are now probably obsolete. They used to be running on Mac OS 10.4. They have never been tested since. You need to install cycling74’s pluggo runtime before using them.


op.canal goodspecial sampler trigger from sound analysis
op.psautotuneautotune pitch correction and more
op.psoharmonizerharmonizer that keeps spectral envelope and more
op.psychiatrepsola based time-stretch and pitch transposer
op.chorusnoisy chorus