max for live devices



I have made many max for live devices. I actually make them on the fly during productions and they are often specific for a particular piece. They are not programmed as a software in the sense they are not usable, interesting, or maintained, for other people. I nevertheless made a few that could be useful.

L&C MaxforLive “launcher and control” interface for the live version of the generative hip hop song. This is a program that eventually have become a real software with a proper UI.
jtol_lzw “AI” time and pitch generation system for midi clips
spatenv generative envelope spatialization system
automatic headphone equalization headphone equalization from frequency responses by parsing frequency response measurements and producing a equalization settings which correct the headphone to a “neutral sound” for mixing before studio work. It uses a ~2000 headphones database gathered by Jaakko Pasanen found here
rule_player system for playing audio and midi clips by group, change tempi, time signatures etc by rules
trigger_quantize change the global quantization menu as an automation