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Historical video dive into machinations and thinking thingshere and here – 2021
Musicologic analysis of herbig-haro from Jacob Hart – 2021
Potentially interesting interview about my background – 2021
From Hörspiel to offsidealternatives théâtrales revue 2021
Rhythm for me – 2021
An artistic path into spatial computing composition for generative musiczHdK – 2020
Potentially interesting interview about generative music and narration in bacchantes – 2020
Potentially interesting interview about theatre music and the ambiguity of machines in machinations and thinking things – 2018
An individual assessment about the French institution Ircam – ongoing
Unplanned project for inverted acoustics – 2017
Automatic versus automatic, materialized fiction as a confrontational composition process – doctorate 2016
Notes On Electronic Composition – 2015
Parametric Composition – 2014
51 Peg b Project Proposition (French) – 2014
Ambient Sound Spaces, with Philippe Codognet – 2009-2010
Sound Scale Perspectives on the Contribution of Flute Sound Classification to Musical Structure, with Panayiotis Kokoras – 2008
Theatres & Musiques, Algorithme Musique-Machine Collectif, thanks you to Antoine Gindt – 2005

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