text translation tool for Max

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op.googletranslate is a Java Max external build for communicating with the statistical learning translation machine from Google. It can only work if it can connect to Google.

In order to improve quality, the engine needs large amounts of bilingual text. If you have large amounts of bilingual or multilingual texts you’d like to contribute, send them here.

For international character compatibility op.googletranslate offers the possibility to import and save texts in several text formats : UTF-8, UCS-2, UCS-2BE, UCS-2LE, UCS-4, UCS-4BE, UCS-4LE, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, UTF-32, UTF-32BE, UTF-32LE, UTF-7, C99, eucjp, SJIS, euckr, CP949, CP862, CP1250, CP1251, CP1252, CP1253, CP1254, CP1257, CP850, CP866, CP1255, CP1256, euccn, hz, GBK, euctw, CP950, BIG5, Mac, Macintosh.

op.googletranslate allows saving in a very special text format for my realtime audio automatic Japanese translation system in Max. It saves the translated text and other synthesis parameters in a eucjp text file ready for the text to speech synthesis engine Galateatalk. You can find a debuged and Mac-intel OSX binary version of that Japanese synthesis for OSX here. I would like to thank Bertrand Nouvel for his help in the compilation and understanding of Japanese explanations.

op.googletranslate help patch

op.googletranslate help patch