neural network library

download op.fann.mlp – multi-layer perceptron

download op.fann.td – time-delay

There are many neural network max externals online. But they are mostly unusable and the learning has always been a problem. I have tried to make op.fann max orientated.

op.fann is inspired from the fann library.
For the moment, two types of networks are available:
– One multi-layer perceptron. With supervised learning method, you give the input and the expected output. After learning iterations, it will always give you an answer depending on the learning.

– One time delay neural network . This one is mostly used for pattern recognition mapping with acceleration sensors.

– The missing op.fann external is a unsupervised neural network called self organizing map for classification of incoming vectors and non linear interpolations. I advice you could use the Robin Meier jit.robosom.

I also advice you the Remy Muller matmap max external for linear interpolations because this is in fact what you need most of the time.

Have a look too at projection of an incoming vector on the principal components of a given training set part of Machine Vision revue and try out the Remy Muller pcamap max external.

Have a look at Arshia Cont Realtime Gesture Analysis.

mlp - op.fann help patch

mlp - op.fann help patch