last manoeuvres in the dark





Last Manoeuvres in the Dark is a piece from Fabien Giraud and Raphaël Siboni. It was presented at Palais de Tokyo in Paris in 2008.
With a malefic artificial intelligence, an army of Dark Vaders is automatically composing the charts from the Darkness. The installation is constituted of 300 Dark Vaders helmets. This military formation could come back from the Xian’s army with its 6000 warriors.
Each helmets has a computer inside. All these computers are all linked together and to a central huge computer. This artificial intelligence system creates a neural network (kind of Self Organizing Map) that composes in realtime the darkest pop music along the day. Each song is about 20 minutes long.

More explanation can be found on Frederic Voisin‘s website.

A context of the piece can be read on the Maxime Thieffine‘s blog.

musical cybernetics : robin meier et frédéric voisin
learning : franck rivoire
synthesizers : olivier pasquet



last manoeuvres in the dark