formahaut ß2


Ulam spiral


formahaut ß2 is a first realization of the Formahaut ß project. Starting on February 2011. It is an extension of Kaspar in the sense that it is again the score of an electronic music piece. Also for this piece, the paradigm is based on multi-scale patterns hanged on a tree structure.

Kaspar is a connection with musical dimensions and unities. Formahaut ß2 is more dealing with what contains these musical dimensions and unities : its position and energy in space and time. Therefore, there is a very close relation between acoustic reverberation and optical caustics.

Also, this will be a moving image piece presented on electronic paper or a very high definition screen that does not emit too much light.

Here are some tests seen from far and seen from close. Each element tell its own story thanks to its movement, position and refraction. This is a little cheesy for the moment but keep in mind it will be tiny and it will move. The last one would be a close zoom of the selected one.

Here is a video of one basic structure:

AND some propositions of zooms here:

Kaspar - Forma test