Voyages extraordinaires _ Extraordinary Journeys

Voyages extraordinaires _ olivier pasquet _2021
slightly distorted illustration from george roux for andre laurie‘s earth exiles (not jules verne)


The piece is a commission from Institut Français and will be shown at various places such as Mexico and Morocco in 2021.

Voyages extraordinaires, Extraordinary Journeys, is a generative music of science fiction referring to the collection of 62 novels and 18 short stories from Jules Vernes published in 1866. Verne’s artwork helped building young readers their imagination. The author is fascinated by exploration, the richness of cultures, travel and especially a form of a scientist optimism typical of the time.
Following the example of this futuristic and utopian spirit, the Voyages extraordinaires proposed here transpose these visions into our contemporary culture with the help of a popular song with innocently human appearances. This aesthetic is actually created by an artificial autonomous automatism that futilely transposes the emotion into something intangible.
The sung voice continues the historical chronology of synthetic voices in electronic music. The language of the lyrics evolves and begins with the one of the country in which the piece is presented.
These Extraordinary Journeys convey, and contextualize, the breath of curiosity and exploration; more necessary than ever today.