form projects

year title format [-]people [-]commissioners [-]first opening
2018 dual coronagraphs performative installation olivier pasquet grain elevators, NY, august 10th & 17th 2018
2018 lloyd’s mirror performative installation olivier pasquet ub creative art initiative Darwin D Martin House, Buffalo, NY, 12-19 feb 2018
2016 α centauri a print olivier pasquet ended tokyo, dec 2016
2016 proxima b video olivier pasquet ended tokyo, dec 2016
2016 the nothing, seeking answers: indivisible streams installation elias merino & francisco lopez & daniel del río & rian treanor & olivier pasquet oto, london jul 18 2016, london, uk
2015 kapteyn b prints olivier pasquet july 4, glasgow, uk
2015 les quatre temps cardinaux video olivier pasquet june in buffalo festival, koussevitzky foundation jun 6 2015, buffalo, ny
2015 formahaut ΓI screen olivier pasquet january 2015, berlin
2013 formahaut Γ chrome wire, white laser olivier pasquet february 2013, berlin
2011 scsa print olivier pasquet dec 20 2011, chicago
2011 完璧な回 print or plexiglass olivier pasquet tokyo wonder site july 30 2011, tokyo, shibuya
futur formahaut ß2 cardboard, sound olivier pasquet
futur formahaut ß cardboard, sound olivier pasquet
2010 kaspar prints, sound, mold olivier pasquet june in buffalo june 1 2010, buffalo, center for the arts
2009 crossing the line diods, fans, sound djeff regottaz, valère terrier, bastien ribeiro, olivier pasquet fiaf new-york sept 16 2009, new-york, fiaf
2009 sound agents speakers, sound philippe codognet, olivier pasquet keio university, tokyo university march 2009, tokyo, dmc, keio university
2008 city of flowers metallic wires, light, sound olivier pasquet e-arts october 2008, shanghai, e-art festival
2008 last maoeuvres in the dark clay helmets, sound raphael siboni, fabien giraud palais de tokyo may 29 2008, paris, palais de tokyo