ß pictoris B

ß pictoris B




Βeta Pictoris b is an extrasolar planet located approximately 63 light-years away in the constellation of Pictor. Discovered in 2008 from a picture taken in 2003, the fact that it periodically spins at 100,000 km/h is just one of its mysteries. This piece is one of the early steps into a taxonomy and travel toward infinitesimal and infinite architectures. It comes from a collection of generated pieces in which the narrative stream of consciousness seeks a minimalistic interior monologue. The limits of perception and understanding set the anatomy of the piece beyond its own duration. The piece belongs to a collectivist and connectivist context of series. The overall thus builds a physical and imaginary constructed universe that would eventually be freely interpreted as a speculative realism. Each element is explored and classified like exoplanets; nobody knows how many they are and how they are made.

The piece was created on February 16th 2015 at the Electric Spring festival in Huddersfield. It was initially written for 17 or 25 loudspeakers.

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